Posters Sessions

Exhibition hall // Tuesday, April 8th and Wednesday, April 9th // 15:40 - 16:30

Facet Extraction and Classification for the Reassembly of Fractured 3D Objects

Anthousis Andreadis, Pavlos Mavridis, and Georgios Papaioannou

HDR Imaging Using Augmented Lagrange Multipliers (ALM)

Adit Bhardwaj and Shanmuganathan Raman

AR-TagBrowse: Annotating and Browsing 3D Objects on Mobile Devices

Evangelos Eftaxopoulos, Andreas Vasilakis, and Ioannis Fudos

A Nonobscuring Eye Tracking Solution for Wide Field-of-View Head-mounted Displays

Michael Stengel, Steve Grogorick, Lorenz Rogge, and Marcus Magnor

Interactive Diffraction from Biological Nanostructures

Daljit Singh Dhillon, Jeremie Teyssier, Michael Single, Iaroslav Gaponenko, Michel Milinkovitch, and Matthias Zwicker

Learning Strategies to Select Point Cloud Descriptors for 3D Object Classification: A Proposal

Jens Garstka and Gabriele Peters

Hexahedral Mesh Adaptation to Imprint Geometric Details: Application to CAD Models

Nicolas Le Goff, Franck Ledoux, and Jean-Christophe Weill

The Split Grid - A Hierarchical 1D-Grid-based Acceleration Data Structure for Ray Tracing

Pablo Bauszat, Marc Aurel Kastner, Martin Eisemann, and Marcus Magnor

Skeleton-based Joints Position Detection

Martin Madaras, Michal Piovarci, and Tomás Kovacovský

Reconstructing Complex Indoor Environments with Arbitrary Wall Orientations

Claudio Mura, Alberto Jaspe Villanueva, Oliver Mattausch, Enrico Gobbetti, and Renato Pajarola