Call for States of the Art Reports

New This year, Morgan & Claypool, in agreement with EUROGRAPHICS, offers the authors of selected STARS to consider the possibility of turning the STAR into a book in the series "Synthesis Lectures on ComputerGraphics and Animation". Note that this is independent from the possibility to submit a journal version to CGF, and that both are possible options.

State-of-the-Art Reports (STARs) that provide an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of a special topic of current interest related to Computer Graphics will be included in the EUROGRAPHICS 2014 conference program. We welcome submissions on all topics relevant to EUROGRAPHICS. This year we would like to encourage submissions in the following areas: Rendering from large data (point clouds, compression, large environments), machine learning for shape analysis and synthesis, fabrication technologies, sketching and hand drawing, sampling and filtering for rendering. A STAR can also address the use of Computer Graphics techniques in a different scientific discipline or in industrial practice. For examples of suitable STAR topics, please refer to the EUROGRAPHICS digital library.

At EUROGRAPHICS 2014, the authors of a STAR will be given 90 minutes to present the report at a level that also allows non-experts in the particular domain to follow this presentation. The conference registration fee will be waived for one author per accepted STAR. After the conference a selection of the best STARs will be referred to Computer Graphics Forum. Acceptance of the revised, enhanced version of the original STAR will depend on the outcome of a second review cycle.

For any question concerning STAR submissions please contact the STARs co-chairs by e-mail (see below).

Submission Details

A STAR proposal should be, in essence, a short version of the planned STAR. The proposal will start by outlining the topic, its relevance to EUROGRAPHICS as well as the target audience and its expected background. The proposal has to include the planned table of contents of the final STAR with brief summaries of each section, as well as the complete set of literature references. We encourage submitters to include results of experiments or comparisons. Brief biographies of the authors should be included, demonstrating their qualification to produce the proposed STAR. Such a proposal should be at most 6 pages in length (not counting references). Each proposal will be reviewed by two experts in the field selected by the STAR co-chairs.

STAR proposals (in PDF) should be submitted via email to the STARs co-chairs. Authors should expect to receive a confirmation of receipt of their proposal and should request confirmation if one is not received within a day or two. Some problems may arise with large e-mailed attachments (over 3MB in size). Therefore we advise to e-mail a link to a location from which the larger document can be downloaded.

The deadline for the submission of STAR proposals is October 6, 2013, with notification of acceptance on December 4, 2013. The full length version of accepted STARs will have to be submitted at a later date for a second short review (due date to be announced shortly).

If the authors have already prepared a longer version of their intended STAR, they may contact the STARs co-chairs ahead of the submission deadline to check for the opportunity of submitting a longer STAR proposal (in principle, this is appreciated).

State of the Art Chairs

Michela Spagnuolo, CNR IMATI Genova, Italy,

Sylvain Lefebvre, INRIA Nancy Grand-Est, France,